August 1, 2012
Email Reply to a Potentially Horrible Job

Yesterday I attended the most awkward job interview of my entire life. The “Office Manager”, whom, prior to speaking to me, was making balloon animals for the kids in the waiting area, spent the entirety of the interview insulting me, and speaking to me as though I was the scum of the earth. He berated me for not already knowing what an Endodontist is (WHO THE F*** knows that?), and he was aghast that I hadn’t yet googled it. He was also insulted that I did not know his name, a complete stranger. He quizzed me on insurance procedures, knowing fully that I had never once worked in a dental or medical office. I was itching with discomfort, and couldn’t stop looking at the door. He oozed with creepiness, making intense eye contact and never missing an opportunity to indicate how stupid I truly was. After the “interview” ended, he invited me to return to the office to be “Observed”—an opportunity that sounded more like a hellish punishment than potential employment. Today, I received an email from the current receptionist (a robotic young lady) reminding me of the “Observation”. This was my response:

(Name Omitted), 

Thank you very much for the opportunity to be observed, but I am going to respectfully decline. I am more specifically looking for a reception position where I am allowed to be friendly and open with people, rather than read from a script. I also do not take very well to being repeatedly subjected to condescension and insults during an interview. 
You might want to indicate in your advertisement that you are looking for someone who has already memorized the process of Dental Reception. If I had known I was expected to already be familiar with insurance procedures that I had never once been exposed to, I never would have replied. 
Thank you again. 
Meagan Haynes
P.S. You might want to tell the “Office Manager” (who’s name I am thrilled to say I still do not know) to tone it down in interviews, because he is seriously a harassment lawsuit waiting to happen. I have never been more uncomfortable in my entire life.

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